Mylar Balloon

Seattle Chocolates 4 oz. Truffles

Seattle Chocolates 6 oz. Truffles

Stuffed Animal

Watercolor card

Dilettante 4 oz. Ephemere Meltaway

Dilettante 4oz. Toffee Crunch Meltaway

Dilettante 5.4 oz. Box Discoveries Assorted Chocolates

We start with a birch-bark pot and fill it with beautiful cut succulents, orange pincushion protea and unique botanical accents.

An interesting and long-lasting gift!

*If protea are not available at the market, we will use a suitable substitution

Deluxe and Premium versions use a larger container and more flowers 

Version shown is approx. 7" tall and 8" wide

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As Shown - $70.00